Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel

Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel
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Brewery: Bosteels
Product Code: Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel, ABV 8.4% 330ml

Bosteels Karmeliet Tripel

Often called the best Tripel in the world, Tripel Karmaliet has one endless awards. It’s brewed using barley, wheat and oats which give it a smooth mouthfeel and more complex malt body. On top of that the brewery layers banana-like esters from the yeast and a little hop spiciness that adds a quinine-like dryness to the finish.

Great with pan fried mackerel and horseraddish potatoes 

Beer Info
ABV 8.4%
Colour / Style Strong Ale
Country Belgium
IBU 16
Size 330ml

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