Dunkertons Black Fox Bottle

Dunkertons Black Fox Bottle
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Brewery: Dunkertons
Product Code: Dunkertons Black Fox 500ml

Dunkertons Black Fox Bottle

Black Fox Cider (7.0% ABV) is medium dry with a full apple aroma, flavour and long finish. Made from organic apples grown in Herefordshire orchards. Enjoy Chilled. Dunkertons Cider Mill is set in the ancient parish of Pembridge. Rural communities have told stories of fantastic and unusual creatures which have supposedly lived in their locality. Here stories tell of an animal which has evaded capture be farmer and huntsman alike: a Black Fox. The red fox has always existed, but the belief grew that there was a fox "as black as night, so that it might live in a man’s shadow and so never be seen". A favoured haunt of the Black Fox is… the cider orchard.

Beer Info
ABV 7%
Colour / Style Cider

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