Saturday Brewery Tour Gift Voucher

Saturday Brewery Tour Gift Voucher
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Brewery: Purity Merchandise
Product Code: Saturday Brewery Tour Gift Voucher

Saturday Brewery Tour Gift Voucher

Due to the growing popularity of our Saturday tours we request that guests book in advance. email john.conod@puritybrewing.com to book your place or call 01789 488 007.

This printed voucher will be sent by post with contact details included for the recipient to book on to one of our award winning brewery tours. Vouchers need to be presented on teh day of attendance. The last date for Christmas post is 20/12/17 

Interested to see how we brew our award winning beers? Intrigued to see how we maintain Pure Quality in every beer? Or curious to find out how we how have created a successful, eco friendly and energy efficient brewery? Why don’t you join us on one of our popular and award winning brewery tours.

Every Saturday at 10.30am and 2pm we take a guided tour of the brewery followed by a tasting session in the beautiful oak-beamed visitor centre. You’ll hear all about the origins of the company and discover the brewing passion that goes into perfecting every pint of Purity. At the end of the visit guests are also given one of our beautifully crafted Purity Stem Glasses. https://www.bottleshack.uk/merchandise/purity-stem-glass.html

Perfect for individuals, couples and smaller groups.

Looking for the ideal gift for a loved one?

We have the perfect solution for beer lovers everywhere as we can also supply gift vouchers so the lucky recipient can book a date and time of their choice

Plus the brewery shop will be well stocked with Purity beers and speciality ales for you to take home at the end and continue the journey.

Saturday tours feature a brewing history talk, brewery tour and a pint in the visitor centre at the end.

*Wetland tour is dependent on season and weather at the time of the tour.

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